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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order any of your scarves or handbags online through your website?

We are so pleased you are interested in a KTMO Designs scarf or handbag! We maintain great relationships with our active KTMO Designs Authorized Retail Partners (ARP). We like to refer our customers to our partners. You can e*mail us with your zip code (see #8 below) and we'll let you know who is active in your zip code area. We do provide customers the ability to order online from our website but we do not list all of our selections and lines available. Some runs are very limited in nature and our Retail Partners buy them up quickly. Some have been custom produced for certain Partners. But if you see something you like on our website in our Store section, please feel free to order it from us.

2. Do you charge sales tax when ordering online through KTMODesigns.com?

KTMODesigns.com does not currently charge sales tax for items being delivered to any U.S. state with the exception of California, where customers are subject to the current sales tax of San Francisco County. Customers that do not pay tax may be individually responsible for their own "Use Tax" on that item according to the tax laws of their respective state. Speak with a tax professional for further advice.

3. If I'm ordering from a country outside the United States, how come your site doesn't reflect the final fees?

For International orders, because taxes and duties vary by country, KTMODesigns.com cannot determine what these fees will be. For more information, please contact your local customs service.

4. Where are your scarves and handbags made?

KTMO Designs scarves are handpainted right in our studio in Sausalito, CA. Our handbags are fully made and assembled within the United States.

5. Can I pre-order handbags that are announced but not yet available for sale?

As a courtesy to our customers, we occasionally offer merchandise for sale that has not arrived yet at our warehouse. These items are marked as pre-orders and ship when the goods arrive at our warehouse. You can order these items to reserve purchase and we'll ship them to you as soon as they are available. The expected ship date for pre-ordered merchandise is listed on our web site next to the respected item. We do our best to keep these dates accurate but please be aware that some may vary. If your order contains a mix of in-stock items and pre-ordered items and you select express shipping, we will only be able to apply the expedited shipping to the in-stock items and the following items will ship later by ground service. All pre-order items are final sale.

6. How do I locate a style not featured on the website?

You may e*mail customer service at: customer service question or call 415-673-0802

7. Can I add something to my order?

If you wish to add merchandise to your order after the order is placed, you must place a new order for the additional merchandise and then notify our customer service. We will do our best to ship these orders together. At times, however, we will not be able to accommodate this circumstance and will have to ship separately.

8. How do I find a store that sells KTMO Designs in my area?

You may e*mail customer service, with your zip code, at: store finder request. If there is no Authorized KTMO Designs Retailer in your zip code, you can purchase your scarf or bag online directly from our website.

9. I was on vacation and bought a KTMO Designs handbag. I would like to purchase another from the collection. How can I find similar styles?

It is best to contact the store where you made the original purchase. They usually carry many styles that complement each other and theyíll be more than happy to help you. We choose our store locations based on their outstanding customer service, so our retailers will be very accommodating in your search and will be able to ship items to you. You can also check our own online shop and see if anything in that style is still being offered. Or just e*mail us and ask.

10. What is required of me to receive an order to a country outside the United States?

For all international orders you are required to scan or fax your government photo ID along with your credit card information, ship to and bill to information. Orders being shipped to addresses outside of the US may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges are the responsibility of the customer. When ordering from KTMODesigns.com, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

We are required to provide certain order, shipment and product information to USPS or UPS in order to facilitate customs clearance and comply with local laws. We cannot predict what duties and taxes will be applied to your package, so please contact your local customs agent before ordering. Generally, you will be required to pay a certain percentage of the value of the item you are purchasing.

11. Why canít I see more photos of your scarves or handbags on your web site?

All KTMO Designs collections are produced in limited quantity and often sell out the week they are introduced. Stores quickly take as many designs as they can, so their locations are the best place to view and purchase the designs. Our Premier Retailers stock the largest selections. All of our retailers are hand chosen by the designer and they do an excellent job of showcasing their individual collections in a creative and inviting atmosphere. We feel this is the best way to offer KTMOís designs for purchase.

12. What are the requirements for buying on a wholesale level?

To apply to become a KTMO Designs Authorized Retail Partner (ARP), please e*mail and request an application or call 415-673-0802. Authorized Retail Partners must have a storefront and order minimum quantities. Other requirements as well as the benefits are explained in the application form. When you request an application, please be sure and tell us your store name and location and provide us a website address if you have one.

We will consider one-up wholesale orders without becoming an Authorized Retail Partner on a case-by-case basis as long as it does not conflict with any of our existing Authorized Retail Partners or existing policies. Minimum orders are 6 scarves or handbags in any given style number per order.

13. How can I be sure the handbag I purchased somewhere is not a counterfeit of a KTMO Designs handbag?

It is an unfortunate reality of any successful high-end brand or product that counterfeits and cheap knock-offs will eventually appear in the marketplace. We have a couple of suggestions to help ensure your handbag is not a counterfeit:

a. When purchasing your handbag, only buy from our KTMO Designs Authorized Retail Partners (ARPs) or ourselves directly (if your handbag is purchased from a source other than one of our Authorized Retail Partners, the warranty is voided).

b. For Art Handbags, does the art have the KTMO tag within the art? It should. The colors should be vibrant and the originally painted bags you should probably be able to see actual brush strokes and/or what looks like layers of paint built up on the surface. Cheap printed imitations of the art will likely look blurry or pixelated and that, combined with the other factors, may tip you off.

c. KTMO Designs have an official tag on the inside lining and branded YKK zippers.

d. Check the stitches. KTMO Designs handbags, are made with fine stitches that are arranged in straight lines and with no loose threads. Fakes will have stitching that looks messy. There may be loose ends and uneven lines.

e. Consider the price of the bag. A fake bag will be set at a price that reflects its cheaper materials and quality. If the bag is new and costs a fraction of the retail price, itís probably a fake.

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